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Available round-the-clock services for your garage door needs

At Garage Door Repair Evanston we know we have a garage door repair service our customers can trust. They know that we use the best brands in the business and that our techs provide the best garage door service in the city. We offer superb troubleshooting services as well for old openers. No one can repair, replace or install these openers like our professionals. Openers we offer:Garage Door Opener

*    Opener from Genie

*    Opener from Sears

*    Opener from Marantec

*    Opener from Craftsman

*    Opener from Chamberlain

*    Opener from Liftmaster

With each opener comes a drive motor. You can choose from 3 types. Each delivers excellence but offer differences in noise and cost. Here are the 3 drives we offer:

*    Chain drive – Loudest but cheapest

*    Screw drive – Cost less and makes less noise

*    Belt drive – Quiet and costs even more

Allow us to do it right for you

Our service for repairing or replacing broken springs is top of the line. We carry both type of springs – extension and torsion. These springs are dangerous and should only be serviced by true professionals.  They are wound so tight that a sudden release could injure or kill. You can also choose galvanized springs which are bonded to 3600 psi with zinc and iron and are designed to last for 90 years. These springs come in pairs and are mounted differently for the leverage needed. The torsion is mounted at the door center and the extension to the door far right and left. Springs can get old and brittle and eventually snap so it is important to maintain regular maintenance and adjustments.

Speaking of garage door maintenance & adjustments our regularly maintenance lubrication service is the talk of the town. If you want to get the most out of your garage door system then you have to have regular preventative maintenance performed. Our techs can provide this service like no one else in the business. Every inch of the system will be lubricated where needed and the proper adjustments made.   Have it done by the best and you will know it is done right.

We offer the best service for remotes of garage doors. We offer products our customers in Evanston can really depend upon and our techs have the skills to get the most out of this service. With products like Clicker, Genie Intellicode, Multi Code and Liftmaster Security Plus our customers are in garage door remote heaven. Don’t let this project be performed by those lacking experience. Get it done right the first time. The genie and liftmaster offer the latest technology – the rolling code and our techs will get you the most out of that.

Our replacement & installation service is top notch as well. We use great materials like wood, glass, aluminum, steel and craftsman for garage doors. All of these doors come in a variety of designs and styles for you to choose from. Best of all our techs can install your new door or replace your garage door windows the same day you call. You get the best service in town and the best variety as well. You can’t beat that so give us a call now.

When it comes to garage door repair our company takes it to heart. Our emergency garage door repair service is ahead of its time and our same day service has allured many a customer to our door. Below are some garage door repairs our techs can provide:

*    Door of the garage went off track

*    Emergency release of the garage is broken

*    Section of garage door needs replacement

*    Wearing weather strip on garage door

*    Rubber at the bottom of garage door needs repairing

Don’t take chances with your repairs; call one of our techs to provide excellent service for you.

Glass garage doors can enlighten any homes curb appeal. These doors are just as strong as other garage doors because they are supported by aluminum alloy frames. They provide the many benefits on natural sunlight and the modern and classic styles are most alluring.

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