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Garage Door Springs

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Over the years, our company has placed smiles on the faces of satisfied customers. We make sure that garage door repair services maintain its class and quality by being on time and efficient. We offer flawless repairs for garage door cables, door panels, and understand that having broken parts is stressful so render our repair services, right away. Moreover, trained professionals implement the job with ease and confidence.

Garage Door Springs

The most common call we get is for Evanston broken spring repair. When you need to fix springs of garage doors in Evanston, our team of professionals is fully equipped to handle the job.
Evanston broken spring repair professionals from Garage Door Repair Evanston travel in fully stocked vehicles, with all the parts and equipment necessary for most jobs on garage door springs Evanston homeowners need.

There are two main types of Evanston garage door springs used on residential overhead garage doors.

 Evanston Extension Springs

Extension springs in Evanston residential garages assist in lifting the door manually or by an electric opener. Sets of two or four extension springs in Evanston garages are located on the sides of the garage door along the tracks. Extension garage door springs in Evanston are used primarily on lighter weight doors.

Torsion Spring in Evanston

When Evanston broken spring repair professionals come out to replace torsion spring in Evanston, IL, the Evanston torsion spring will be located above the garage door in the center. To replace torsion spring in Evanston, Illinois a full understanding of the mechanism and extreme caution are necessary. A single, heavy-duty torsion spring in Evanston garages is used for heavier door designs.

Broken spring replacement in Evanston starts with assessing whether your garage door uses an Evanston torsion spring or extension springs. No matter which type you have, spring repair in Evanston, IL is a risky endeavor. The weight of the doors, pressure on the springs, and the high tension of the springs all combine to make Evanston spring repair dangerous.

Our professionals are trained and licensed to handle all Evanston broken spring replacement safely and effectively. We offer emergency service, timely response during business hours, or specific appointments. We value your time and will arrive promptly and professionally.

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