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The experts will help with these garage door repair FAQs. You will always get the right answers. We reply simply, so that everyone can understand and make the best out of these questions. We offer practical solutions and advice about garage door issues.

  • Is it safe to replace the torsion spring by myself?

    No, it is not. Torsion springs can be so tightly wound, that one false move with their adjustment can lead to serious injury or even worse, death. The torque released suddenly by a mishandled torsion spring has been known to be enough to cause dismemberment.

  • What makes springs dangerous to fix and to adjust?

    The answer is simple - the great amount of tension that they hold. The force that these components are loaded with corresponds to the weight of the door. If a garage door spring is not handled correctly, this huge amount of force which it contains can be released and cause serious injury to the repairman. That is why DIY spring repair, replacement or adjustment is not recommended.

  • What causes garage door failure?

    The most common cause is accidents in the garage and lack of maintenance. Garage door repair Evanston specialists advise homeowners to follow a consistent maintenance schedule which includes lubrication of certain parts at least once a year, painting and adjusting the door balance.

  • Can I combine different garage door materials?

    The truth is that many garage doors today are manufactured with several combinations of different material mixtures. For example, glass doors come with wood frames and wood doors can come with windows of aluminum frames. If you want to make your own combinations for your house in Evanston, you can have the door custom made. Though, be careful of your choices because each material is particular and may affect the frequency of garage door repair services.

  • Why does my transmitter not open the garage door?

    This is usually due to an issue with your power source. It may be that your fob needs new batteries. If it is a problem with one specific fob, this is probably the case. However, if multiple fobs are failing to open the door, it may be that they need to be reset. If you have recently lost power in your opener, the system will usually have been restored to factory settings, which will mean the codes in the fobs have been reset. Check your manufacturer instructions for details on resetting key fobs for your specific system.

  • Why does my garage door sometimes open by itself?

    This is quite a common issue and it isn’t usually related to a complex problem. Generally a garage door opening and closing by itself is caused by a neighbor using a security or access code which is similar to your own. This can cause radio interference which is picked up by your receiver.  In many cases, changing the code on your opener will prevent this problem from reoccurring. There should be specific instructions on changing the code within your manufacturer instructions for your particular model of opener.

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