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Often Asked Garage Door Questions

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Our job is to provide garage door solutions and we do it not only through our professional services but also by providing information and advice, such as on this FAQ page. Get details, explanations, and advice now!

What makes springs dangerous to fix and adjust?

The answer is simple - the great amount of tension that they hold. The force that these components are loaded with corresponds to the weight of the door. If a garage door spring is not handled correctly, the huge amount of force that it carries can be released and cause serious injury to anyone standing nearby. That is why DIY spring repair, replacement or adjustment is highly unadvised.

What causes garage door failure?

How much time do you have? This question has a lot of different answers, as many things can cause your garage door to fail to function properly. The most common issues usually result from a lack of maintenance. With some routine lubrication of certain moving parts and a regular inspection for damages, you'll be able to keep your system operational for a long time. Our experts can provide you with professional maintenance.

Why won't my remote open my garage door?

This is most likely due to an electrical issue. Unless the batteries are dead. Always check the batteries aren't dead first. If they're good, then perhaps the problem is with the opener itself. If you have recently suffered an unexpected power outage, the system could have been restored to its factory settings, which will mean your codes has also been reset. Check your owner's manual for details on recalibrating remote controls, or simply give our experts a call.

Why does my garage door open by itself?

This can be caused by a variety of issues. One of the most common one is a neighbor that's using a similar opener model. This can cause radio interference which is picked up by the receiver of your garage door opener. Another possibility is that the safety sensors are misaligned and are falsely detecting an obstacle. Contact our experts to receive professional assistance.


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