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  • Check Right Away if You Feel Like Something is Wrong

    Your instincts may be the first sign that something is wrong with your garage door. If you suddenly feel like you heard some noises that were not there before or if you feel like the movement is slower than usual, then check your garage door for any problems. Finding problems with the garage door starts with small things like these.

  • Supply the right amount of power

    Automatic garage door openers are not plug-and-play products like other home appliances. They require a certain amount of voltage to work efficiently. Oversupplying and undersupplying power both have their consequences, so it’s best to know the amount of power your automatic garage door opener needs. To know these details, check the product description.

  • Keep kids out of the garage

    Even if you do garage door service often, overhead doors and children do not match. Kids will always find a way to play with the door. They like to put the fingers in the most awkward places and that's why they're the number one victims of accidents.

  • Consider the steel gauge before purchasing

    When purchasing a steel door for your garage, the steel gauge also comes in handy. The lower the steel gauge number is, the stronger and thicker the steel is. This gauge should be considered accordingly before selecting and buying a new garage steel door. Aside from pure steel, you may want to select one with a combination of other elements.

  • Take care of extension springs properly

    All springs require good maintenance and regular inspections and when you check the extension springs for garage doors, make sure to check both. When you replace them, make sure they are both replaced. They will need proper lubrication maintenance or they won't balance the door properly. In this case, the panel won't close all the way to the floor and the security will be compromised.

  • Choosing the Type of Door Opener:

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    Garage door openers are usually one of three types. Screw drive options can be pricey but their fewer moving parts do allow quiet operation and great reliability. Chain models are usually a little noisy but are very durable and economical. Belt drive models can require a little more maintenance but they are faster and quieter than a chain opener. Garage Door Repair Evanston recommends assessing your priorities of price, speed, noise and maintenance issues to discover the right model for you.

    Of course, when it comes to openers, there is more to them than just selecting the right drive. Garage door motors also vary according to their horsepower because different systems would require different force in order to work properly. Standard size residential garage doors would not require the same horsepower as commercial ones. Average doors would need ½ horsepower while heavy carriage or wood doors may require ¾ hp. When you choose the right opener, you should also choose the right remote control and features, which are necessary for the safety of your family. Features can be added to all three types of door openers and every door opener can be upgraded gradually.

  • Removing Rust Spots:

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    A rust spot on a garage door should be treated quickly to minimize further damage. Clean the door properly and sand down any spots of rust. Allow the area to thoroughly dry before you apply a primer, oil based products work best. Allow your primer to dry completely before applying several coats of paint. Mask off any non-sanded areas to protect the remainder of the door and be sure to choose an exact paint match for a smooth finish.

    It is actually very important to detect rust spots on the material before they spread on the surface of the door because in this case you may need to proceed with garage door panel replacement. For this reason, it's important to check the panel every time you maintain the mechanism and take care of it once or twice every year with good washing and repairing of such problems. Close inspections would help you detect rust at an early phase and, thus, prevent the problem from expanding. All the above procedures are better to take place during the summer when the weather is warm and painting as well as washing can dry easier.


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